Occupational musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) rank first among all disease groups that account for lost earnings and total economic costs. The indirect costs can also be staggering, affecting both employees and employers. Issues include: pain/discomfort and loss of mobility, loss of productivity, claims management, re-training/re-staffing costs, and potentially the disruption of services.

Our professional ergonomic assessments identify the injury risk factors, and offer practical mitigation strategies. Ergonomic programs developed for your business, incorporating workstation optimization, and prevention of MSDs, will result in more effective work practices and a more productive workplace.


Office Services



OfficeWorkstation Assessment


The office workstation assessment is a thorough analysis of an individual's workstation and tasks. Recommendations are made, and, where possible, implemented immediately. A report is prepared outlining the recommendations, the changes implemented, and the further changes required. The office workstation assessment is recommended for employees experiencing discomfort, for return-to-work audits or as a proactive approach to reduce the risk of MSDs.





New Workstation Design or Retrofit


An ergonomist can help with the selection and set-up of new office furniture and equipment. Each employee can have recommendations made and implemented on-site for the set-up of new furniture.




Office Ergonomics Seminars


A group presentation can be made on virtually any topic pertaining to ergonomics in the work place. This 45-minute presentation, with 15 minute question period, provides the information necessary for employees to adjust their own workstations to meet their needs. The ergonomist can then circulate throughout your facility spending up to 20 minutes with each employee. The presentation and ‘mini-assessment' format is ideal for the proactive employer with employees that have no specific medical concerns. We also offer ‘brown-bag seminars', presentations that are approximately 30 minutes in length, which are scheduled for lunch breaks.


Some of our most popular seminars include the following:

Ergonomics for the Office

Fitting the Workspace to the Worker

Safe Ergonomic Practices in the Office



Industrial Services





Job Demands Analysis


A Job Demands Analysis (JDA) breaks down work tasks into elements of frequency, force and repetition. Reach distances and heights of tools are also listed. Cognitive and workflow factors are considered. JDAs are useful for return-to-work planning and employee placement. JDAs can also be used for further analysis with respect to guidelines and standards.





Manual Materials Handling


Analysis of Manual Materials Handling (MMH) tasks identifies risk factors based on comparison to accepted standards. Tools used to analyse lifting tasks include the NIOSH lifting equation, calculation of compressive forces in the back, and total energy expenditure. Recommendations are then provided, if necessary, to modify the task to meet the standards for your workforce.

A seminar for safe lifting practises can be presented to your workforce to increase awareness of ‘ergonomic' lifting.


Return To Work Planning


Employees returning to work after an illness may require modification to the workstation or tasks. RTW planning can provide piece of mind to both employee and employer that the job is suitable.


Industrial Workstation Assessment and Layout


An assessment examines all aspects of the tasks and equipment. The full assessment includes a PDA for each position as well as recommendations for improvement, if any. Phoenix OHC specializes in low-cost, high-impact modifications. The technical engineering background of our Ergonomist ensures practical solutions that not only decrease risk, but in many cases, increase productivity.


Ergonomic Seminars


From ‘Ergonomic Awareness in the Workplace' to ‘Safe Manual materials Handling' our interactive seminars are useful for group education. Seminars are tailored to your worksite, detailing specific use of your facility's tools and workstations.


Purchasing and Design Consultation


Phoenix Ergonomists are available for consultation in design of new workstations or acquisition of tools. Help reduce risk at the outset rather than trying to retrofit later. Ensure that new workstations are sufficiently adjustable to fit your workforce. Assembly line production can be optimized for both worker comfort and production rates.


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