We have experience with the presentation of workshops on various HS&E topics to diverse audiences
around the world. Our strength lies in the application of our professional experience to the specific issues that you are facing. We are prepared to present workshops, of one hour's to one week's duration (but typically, ½ - 2 days), on topics such as:

Occupational Hygiene & Indoor Air Quality

  • The Ontario Asbestos Regulationworkshops
  • Asbestos Management Programs
  • A Primer on Mould
  • Mould: Health Effects, Control and Remediation
  • Health Standards and Assessment of Physical Environmental Factors in the Office (noise, vibration, lighting, psychrometric factors.,etc.,)
  • Indoor Air Quality I: Factors and Health Effects
  • Indoor Air Quality II: Assessment and Addressing Concerns
  • Indoor Air Quality III: Coping with Hypersensitivity
  • Carcinogen Concerns in the Workplace - asbestos, radon, formaldehyde and others
  • Health Hazards in the Home Environment - Assessment and Control
  • Principles of Occupational Health and Hygiene
  • Introduction to Toxicology - WHMIS and beyond
  • Authoritative Health, Safety and Environmental Information on the Internet
  • Measurement and Control of Noise and Vibration
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Selection, Care and Use




  • Lifting and (Other) Manual Materials Handling
  • Introduction to Human Factors (Ergonomics) for the Office Worker
  • Designing and Setting Up the Individual Work Station - Minimizing Physical Stress(es)
  • Fitting the Workspace to the Worker
  • Ergonomic awareness in industrial facilities
  • Ergonomic Awareness in the field
  • ACGIH® TLV®s -- Tools for anticipation / audit of biomechanical stressors
  • Ontario's MSD Prevention Guidelines: Implementation in your facility
  • The NIOSH Lifting Equation: Quantifying Tasks
  • Biomechanic Evaluation of Manual Material Handling
  • Plugged-in Ergonomics: Using Software and digital photography for risk assessment


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